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Hamburg Golf Association

Hamburger Golf Association

The Hamburg Golf Association (Hamburger Golf Verband, HGV) was founded in 1966. It currently consists of 21 clubs with approx. 22,000 members and is thus the fourth largest sports association in the Hamburg area.


The association takes care of the development of mass sport as well as the promotion of youth and competitive sports. 

School golf has been an integral part of all HGV clubs for the last two years. The association plans, coordinates, organizes, and conducts competitions at association level, develops programs for the training of trainers and referees and represents the sporting interests of its members at the German Golf Association (DGV).


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Golf Association Schleswig-Holstein

Golf Association Schleswig Holstein

The Golfassociation Schleswig-Holstein (Golfverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V., GVSH) promotes and regulates the practice of golf in Schleswig-Holstein (in the GVSH). The GVSH was founded in 1972 and currently has more than 50,000 members, which is spread over 63 DGV members, making it the third largest sport in Schleswig-Holstein. Today, golf clubs and operating organizations can be members.


Particular emphasis is given to the enforcement and application of the regulations laid down by the DGV, the organisation and execution of competitions and championships, the promotion of youth-mass and competitive sports, the organisation and implementation of education, and further education, golf and health, and the protection of nature and the environment.

In addition, we create framework conditions that have a positive impact on the golf development in GVSH and the economic operations of our golf courses. One tool is e.B. our subsidiary, Golf in Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, which markets our "golfland" between two lateral water hazards nationally and internationally.




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Hanseatic Golf Union

Hanseatic Golf Union

The Hanseatic Golf Union was created in 2015 in a cooperation between the HGV and GVSH out of the need to promote sustainable development centered on the athlete, from enthusiastic golf beginners to playing professionals.


“It's a long way from an enthusiastic beginner to a successful top player. The first “part of the stage” (i.e. the sporting movement of our youngest children) is extremely important. Children must acquire the indispensable coordinative basis  at an early age in a playful way. A future-oriented training concept therefore already includes the youngest!"

(Training concept of the DFB)


The new training concept of the Hanseatic Golf Union is intended to provide performance-oriented coaches in  North German golf with a sporting orientation.



In addition to influencing factors, a clear distribution of roles, goals and principles was defined. Depending on the age group and level of play, coaches, youth wardens, parents and all other interested parties will receive an overview of training objectives and training priorities, which are tailored to the development levels and current skills of the players.


Various building blocks consisting of training content, competing formats, athletic and golf-specific characteristics, as well as quantities should ideally complement the sports support at the respective training level. Guiding principles for trainers, who can guarantee a motivating and learning-promoting atmosphere in club youth work at the respective training level, have been developed and described. The training concept of the Hanseatic Golf Union takes sports science and pedagogical findings, principles, and methods in each individual level of training into account.




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