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19/07/2023 - 21/07/2023

at Gut Kaden Golf and Land Club

2nd German International Youth Challenge

The announcement for download

1. Eligibility

Amateurs (girls and boys) born in 2002 to 2010, who are members of a German golf club associated with the DGV or a foreign golf club associated with its respective national golf union/federation/association.


2. Limit of exact handicap index / Maximum of entries / Waiting list / Wildcards

Handicap Index Limits / Maximum of entries:

60 girls

U 21: up to 15.0     (born in 2002 - 2004)

U 18: up to 15.0     (born in 2005 and 2006)

U 16: up to 15.0     (born in 2007 and 2008)

U 14: up to 15.0     (born in 2009 and 2010)

60 boys

U 21: up to 10.0     (born in 2002 - 2004)

U 18: up to 10.0     (born in 2005 and 2006)

U 16: up to 10.0     (born in 2007 and 2008)

U 14: up to 10.0     (born in 2009 and 2010)

Waiting list:

In case of more than the maximal number of mentioned competitors, boys, girls and boys with the highest handicap index will be excluded. If the handicap index is the same, it will be decided by chance. The handicap index on the day of the registration deadline (05 July 2025 12:00 p.m.) is decisive for entry. These Players will be placed on a waiting list with the opportunity to compete in case of subsequent withdrawals. Players on the waiting list will be invited to play until July 12st 12: p.m.



The right to award additional wildcards is reserved to the organizer.


3.  Modus of Play/ Rating/ Play-off

54 holes stroke play, played over three tournament days. The placement results from the addition of the results of all three rounds.

Separate rating for girls and boys of u 21, U 18 and U 16, as well as common rating of all age groups.

The winning girl and boy will be honoured as „Hanseatic International Youth Open Champion“

In the event of a tie for first place, the winner will be decided by a hole by hole play-off. If a play-off involves more than two players, those other than the winner will be deemed to have tied for second place regardless of  their scores in the play-off. The Championship Committee determines the play-off holes.

All ties, except in determining the winner of the Championship, will be decided by card count back based on the best score for the final 36, 18, 9, 6, 3 holes or last hole in that order. If a tie still exists, it is decided by chance.


4. Tees

Girl:         blue

Boys:      white


5. Caddies

Caddies (Rule 10.3)

Professionals are not allowed as caddies. For more information, see "Rule of Conduct for Caddies".

Caddies must wear the caddie-bip handed out at registration during the complete tournament rounds. For this, a deposit of €50 must be paid.


6. Prizes

Memory prices for places 1-3 of the overall standings, as well as the four age groups.


7. Championship Committee

Appointed by the organizer. Championship Committee members will be announced by notice.


8. Closing date / Entrance fee / Entry form:

Closing Date:

July 05th, 2023 12:00 p.m.



Entrance fee :

€ 195, -

In case of cancellation after the registration deadline, a payment charge of 100€ remains.


Entry form:

Entries have to be submitted online via the following link:

Each player is responsible for determining whether his or her entry has been accepted and whether his or her name appears on the list of participants via (1 to 2 days after the registration deadline). Players who are not on the list of participants are not eligible to play.

9. Conditions of competition

The Championship is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf,  the official handbook on golf rules, the amateur statute as approved by the R & A in the versions currently adopted by the DGV and the current tournament conditions of the Region Nord 2023, the Region Nord Hardcard 2023 and the Local Rules for the competition.

The World Handicap System apply for the tournament.

In case of doubt the German version of all conditions is decisive.


10. Practice round

Free on the day before the 1st day of the tournament (July 18th, 20223).

Starting times for the practice round can be booked after the closing date (July 05th, 2023).

Gut Kaden Golf and Land Club GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 4193 99 29-0




11. Registration 

All players must register with the tournament director the day before the Championship from 08:00 to 16.00 p.m. (July 18th, 2023). If a player is unable to register in person, a registration by telephone [Maike Handy] will be accepted. Each competitor will receive an information pack at registration. A competitor who does not register by this date and time will be excluded from the Championship.

12. Daily routine / Teetimes / Information / Accommodation


Tuesday, July 18th   Practice rounds and registration

                                     Opening night in the clubhouse with buffet, DJ and late night shoot out, from 6:30 p.m

Wednesday, July 19th   1st round counting game    

Thursday, July 20th       2nd round counting game

Friday, August 21th        3rd round counting game    


                                            awarding ceremony

Tee Times:

Posted on the information board.



Trolleys are available and will be handed out at the secretary’s office in the clubhouse. Foreign players are given preference.


Golfbag storage:

Golfbags can be stored at your own risk in the set-up "bagdrop".

Dress code:

Jeans are strictly prohibited. Shoes with soft spikes are mandatory.

Caddies wear shoes with smooth sole



Gut Kaden

Golf and Land Club GmbH

Kadener Strasse 9

D-25486 Alveslohe

Phone:          +49 (0) 4193 99 29-0



Jagdhaus Waldfrieden

Jagdhaus Waldfrieden Romantik Hotel und Restaurant

Kieler Straße

D-25485 Bilsen-Quickborn

Phone:       +49 (0) 4106 610 20





Dreiklang Business & Spa Resort

Norderstraße 6

D-24568 Kaltenkirchen

Phone:      +49 (0) 4191 921 0




13. Contact

Tournament Direktion

Hamburger Golf Support GmbH       

Maike Schlender

Oldesloer Strasse 251

D-22457 Hamburg

Phone:     +49 (0) 40 22 77 960





Gut Kaden

Golf and Land Club GmbH

Kadener Strasse 9

D-25486 Alveslohe

Phone:     +49 (0) 4193 99 29-0





14. Reservation of amendment

In justified cases, the Championship Committee has the right to change the Announcement until the first start. After the first start, changes are only permitted in exceptional circumstances.


15. Declaration of Consens

The participants of HIYO agree that Hamburger Golfsupport GmbH, as the organiser of HIYO can use image- and personal data (name, first name, date of birth, home club, handicap) without limitation for media coverage in connection with the HIYO in particular on,,, Instagram und Facebook. If the participants or their legal guardians do not agree to this use, participation is excluded for organizational reasons.


Up-to-date information on the tournament can be found at

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